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I’m Csizmadia Zoltán. My love to Dogue de Bordeaux started since October 2004 when I first bought my two Dogue de Bordeauxes Clea and Casta from Bubo’s pretty yard. Unfortunately Casta isn’t with us.


We focus all of our ambition to breed healthy dogs and that they fit the most to the standard.


I hope that the dogs from my breed will bring a lot of happyness to you. Thank you.



Dogue de Bordeaux

Country of Origin: France
Origin and Purpose
Originated from France. Used in ancient times as a fighting dog, and used today as a companion and guard dog.


General Appearance
The Bordeaux Mastiff is a massive, powerfully build dog, with a very muscular body which retains a harmonious general outline. In stature, somewhat low to the ground. Distance from sternum to ground is at most equal or inferior to the depth of the chest, seen in profile and measured behind the elbows. Has the appearance of an athlete, imposing and proud, demanding respect.


Royal Canin

Latest News

Šteniatka (09/11/2016)

Dňa 06.09.2016 sa nám narodili šteniatka /5 sučiek a 4 psi/

Šteniatka (07/22/2013)

Dňa 11. júla 2013 sa nám narodili šteniatka

Šteniatka (09/19/2012)

Dňa 7. septembra 2012 sa nám narodili šteniatka 2 sučky

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